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We will give you the tools to go faster – and help you with driving techniques so that you will be able to get the most from your day on track.​​

The Best Way To Improve Your Track Driving

Whether you’re just starting out on your first few track days, or you are a regular around the circuits, we can help!​

It doesn’t matter what car you are in, our instructors can analyse and help with any car that you’re driving. ​

There is no better way to improve your track driving, than to connect with a qualified and experienced track instructor, who will teach you from the ground up.

What You Can Learn

  • Improve your braking technique​
  • Learn new driving skills​
  • Find the limit of your car & tyres​
  • Become a more complete track driver​
  • Understand the basics of braking, rotating and accelerating​
  • Learn circuits faster​
  • Get set ups and tuning tips​
  • Be more consistent​
  • Learn how to deal with traffic​
  • Always drive on the optimum line​
  • Learn weight transfer​
  • And more…

How Instruction Can Help You

Maybe you want to see how your driving really is on track.​

Or maybe you want to reference yourself in your car vs an experienced driver…​

Perhaps you’re making lots of mistakes whilst on track and need someone to help analyse the mistakes both in car and out.​

Maybe you just need someone to guide you and help you improve.​

Or all of the above!​

Whatever the case, and wherever the next track day is, we’re passionate about seeing you improve. Our instructors will bring video tools to install in your car so that they can really dive into how your driving and help you improve every session.

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Get in touch to tell us when your next day is and how an instructor might be able to help you on your next day.

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Instructor vs Coach.

What is the difference between an Instructor and an Advanced Race Coach?​

An instructor will sit next to you in car in as many sessions as you want. ​

The instructor will teach you the basics of driving and help you to understand different concepts of driving​

A race coach will typically spend more time out of the car, talking and teaching you more advanced driving concepts so that you can learn to drive on track faster by yourself.​

Typically, we suggest instructors for beginners/intermediate level and race coaches for intermediate to advanced level and for people looking to get into more racing.

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